Deaf And Dumb

I remember growing up, far back when I was just 8 or 9. I was one of the calm kids who never goes far from the house to play. Would always play with my neighbor friends near the house. Never been the curious or mischievous type.                   Unfortunately, I can’t say thesame about Bala, who is my best friend. He roams the neighborhood, far or near. And is always up to one mischief or the other. Although he’s cool & calm, he never missed any opportunity to satisfy his curiousity. Back then, every kids play had it’s season…from making toy cars, pushing rings (from car tires), shooting or hitting rubber rings, and so on. This particular time was the season of ‘knockouts’. Most of the kids (extremely mischievous ones) in the hood had access to them, they would lit as many up and will explode with a bang, it was fun. There were different kinds, one stick but bangs once, twice or thrice….whichever you have. On this holy deaf & dumb day, wandering around together with my friend and feeling bored. We suddenly spotted a 3-bang knockout that has banged twice. So, my friend suggested we bang it up. It was a bad idea…I sneaked into the house and got us matches. I held the knockout between my thumb and index finger while my friend tried to lit it. Suddenly, the knockout exploded in my hand…and we both instantly went deaf and dumb. The world was spinning, we couldn’t utter a word. I stood still, yet panicking inside. Eyes poped wide open, I thot I’d never be able to hear a thing again. My thumb looked okay and     steady. But it was vibing inside, felt as though it’s been hit with a hammer. It’s been 5 mins but none of us cried, laughed or uttered a word. Feeling scared, we both went into the house where my step mum’s brother was cutting something. His lips were     moving surely, but we can’t hear a thing. We never mentioned what happened. Here’s the thing; a fresh stick of knockout comes with a thread on the top, goes thru the stick and all the way to down to the bottom. You light it up and throw it far away, fifty metres far atleast. Then it explodes after a few seconds. But we didn’t know and never really seen a fresh knockout before that incident.
Lesson; Don’t use something unless you know how it works. Don’t assume to have the know-how, be sure instead.

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